Getting Things Done

How can I communicate news from my team or group?
News from your team or group can be communicated via the Weekly Update, our website and social media, and, when necessary, the Order of Service. Any official team or group can submit their news and announcements to:

Communications deadlines are as follows:

  • Weekly Update: every Tuesday by 5 PM
  • Sunday Slides – Every Thursday by 5 PM
  • Order of Service – Every Tuesday by 8 PM 

Click here to view more information on communications.

Who updates the website?
The website is updated  by the Communications and Marketing Specialist, Nicole Pressley. If you have feedback or would like to make a change to the website, please contact

How can I reserve a room or a table for coffee hour on Sunday?
Make sure to take a look at the Facility Use Policy, which is found on the policy page here.

You can fill out a Facility or Table Reservation form online here: and the table reservation form here:

Or by following the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Calendar” at the top of the page
  3. Click on “You can make room reservations here”
  4. Click on “Facility Use Application” (for a room reservation) or “Table Reservation” (for Sunday tables)

If the specific room you request is not available, we will find the best alternate space. If none is available, we will contact you. Please be timely in your room reservations to respect our building attendants’ work. We recommend reserving rooms or tables as early as possible as space is often limited.

How can I see what else is scheduled at a particular time?
Upcoming events are scheduled on the Calendar, which can be found here:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “calendar” at the top of the page

How can I get a mailbox in the office?
Mailboxes are given in priority first to office staff, board members, and board committees, then to UUCA programs and groups. Individuals are not given a mailbox. If you would like to request a mailbox (if there is one available), please contact Travis.

If you already have a mailbox, please make sure it is cleaned out regularly and remove old items. Mailboxes that are not regularly checked may be cleaned out and reassigned to another group.

How can I get copies made?
UUCA groups and teams are welcome to use the copier in the office during the hours that the office is open. If you need to come in and make copies during outside hours, please arrange this in advance with Travis. You can also ask the Office Volunteers to make copies for you by emailing or by placing a note in their mailbox.

Groups making copies should have a copier code assigned to them in order to track numbers of copies - this helps us in effective budgeting and paper ordering. You can download a list of our copier codes here.

How can I get a key to the building?
We do not give out keys except to authorized staff. If you need access to the building when no staff are present and are in a leadership role, you may request a door code from Travis. For safety purposes, when the building is locked and there are no building attendants present, doors are never to be propped open. Please check with office staff regarding protocols for opening doors for others and closing up when you are the only person in the building.

What does the building attendant do?
Our Building Attendants are responsible for opening and closing the building (as appropriate), setting up rooms for meetings and rentals, breaking down set-ups once groups have vacated rooms, and coordinating emergency egress from the building.

What services can I ask the office staff to do?
Office volunteers can assist with copies, mailings, some ACS functions, and general Microsoft Office tasks such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Office volunteers can also connect you with other members of the congregation or look up policies and procedures for you. If there is administrative work you would like to have done by the office volunteers, please ask! They are willing to help you.

UUCA office volunteers assist with the following:

  • Answer UUCA main number
  • Sign-in building visitors
  • Transcribe/deliver voice mail message
  • Order Sunday flowers per Sunday Flower forms received
  • Sign-in building visitors
  • Deliver outgoing mail to mail carrier
  • Receive/distribute incoming mail
  • Receive/sign for deliveries
  • Unstuff Order of Service jackets (Mondays)
  • Print/cut Order of Service inserts (Wednesday and Thursdays)
  • Print/stuff Orders of Service (Thursdays)
  • Print/post room schedules (Fridays)
  • Print Building Attendants’ facilities schedules & replace previous week’s schedule in BA binders
  • Change and reorder copier toner and toner waste cartridges
  • Fill Konica Minolta paper trays and reorder cases of paper

What can I ask the UUCA staff to help with?
While UUCA staff are happy to support your work wherever needed, please keep in mind their schedules and work plans. Prior appointments are appreciated. The office volunteers can usually direct you to the best staff person to talk with. To find out more about our staff and "who does what", click here.

Where are supplies kept? (Like easel pads and markers, colored paper, pens, etc.)
Supplies for most activities are stored in a labeled storage area located with the copier. Religious Exploration supplies are stored downstairs in the supply room. However, these supplies cannot cover every program and are meant for using small amounts at a time. Please make every effort to include supplies for your program and activities in your budget, as this is the best way to ensure you have the supplies that you need.

How do I get reimbursed for supplies that I buy?
Refer to our reimbursement procedures, below:

  1. Before purchasing items/services for reimbursement, please ensure the item has been included in the appropriate budget. If you are unsure, you can consult with your supervising staff member or the Director of Administration.
  2. ALL contracts, vendor business, or any other official business on behalf of UUCA must be conducted by the UUCA office.
  3. In order to be reimbursed for an approved and/or budgeted expense, you must submit a UUCA Direct Deposit Authorization for Electronic Reimbursements and a 1099 Payments to Individuals form to Travis. They must be submitted with the appropriate signatures (from the GL account holder and person approving the expense) and receipts must be attached.

Once submitted,  the Director of Administration will review the expense and give a signature of approval or contact the appropriate staff person. Once approved, a direct deposit can be made or a check can be cut. Accounts payable are normally processed on Thursdays/Fridays with ACH settlement for the following Tuesday/Wednesday.

Approved expenses will only be reimbursed if they have been incurred during the last 90 days. UUCA will not reimburse expenses that were incurred 91 days or more and will not be responsible for payment to third parties.

Where can I store things?
Unfortunately, storage is a big problem at UUCA! At this time, UUCA does not have any additional storage options. We encourage all leadership to first check with the staff member who supervises their program to verify whether or not space is available, or work with their teams to determine a community solution.

How do I get a budget for my group?
If you are an official UUCA group, you may request a budget to cover expenses such as supplies, printing, coverage of building attendant hours, and more. Talk with the staff member who supervises your program or the Director of Administration. Budget requests for the following year are typically made in July or August of the year prior, to give time for board and congregational approval.

How do I host a fundraiser for my group or an outside group?
Fundraisers for your group or a group outside of UUCA need to be previously approved by our Generosity Team. Our Generosity Team works to ensure that fundraisers are well-timed and well-considered, in order to both maximize the amount raised for the organization and also ensure that events do not compete with other fundraisers going on at UUCA. You can download the fundraising policy and application here, and the Generosity Team can be reached at

How do I suggest an organization for give away the plate?
You can suggest an organization for Give Away the Plate by emailing Decisions regarding Give Away the Plate are made by the Social Justice Coordinator, Director of Congregational Life, and Senior Minister. Plates are usually chosen to coincide with a specific sermon, event, or holiday, as this increases the amount raised for the organization. Only 501c3 organizations are accepted for Give Away the Plates. Please be mindful that we have many requests and only 12-14 plates per year, so not all may be able to be honored. 

What do I do if I have feedback or concerns about something at UUCA?
We want to hear about any feedback or concern you may have. We first suggest you send your feedback to the appropriate congregant contact or to the appropriate staff member (you can refer to our "who does what" list, here). If that is not the correct outlet, concerns can be sent to the Rev. Makar at or to the Board of Trustees at