UUCA Communications

Who manages communications at UUCA?
Communications at UUCA is managed by our Communications and Marketing Specialist, Nicole Pressley. She can be reached at nicole.pressley@uuca.org. Nicole's work is supported by a team of UUCA volunteers and is supported by Jessica Seales, Director of Congregational Life.

How do I get the word out about my events?
We strongly encourage you to plan your communications strategy out as well in advance as is feasible. This allows our communications team to have plenty of time to provide assistance on graphics, writing, or web presence. 

Please note that UUCA has many programs, activities and notices that need to go out to the congregation. Advance planning is crucial to make sure your information gets out in a timely manner.

UUCA strives to:
• Ensure high quality, consistent, and appropriate communications to all congregants, prospective members, and the outside community.
• Ensure all communications are accurate and appropriate within the context of UUCA’s beloved community.

What is the Weekly Update?
The Weekly Update is a quick snapshot of what’s happening at UUCA. Subscribers receive a copy in their email inbox every Friday and hard copies are available at UUCA every Sunday morning. To sign up to receive the weekly update via email, please click here. Submissions to the Weekly Update should be sent to Nicole using the weeklyupdate@uuca.org email by Tuesday at 5pm.

UUCA Worship Team, Congregational Life and Stewardship and Fundraising sponsored events have first priority, followed by Fellowship Groups, Congregant Announcements, etc.

Please ensure updates do not exceed 250 words. Articles with more information are more effective if posted on the website or on The City with a brief “teaser” in the Weekly Update.

What is The City? 
The City is a social network designed to help our beloved community stay connected throughout the week. If you have an event that requires registration, need volunteers for an upcoming service opportunity, or would like to promote your group’s event, we ask that The City be your first resort in the chain of communications.

To get a City login, email Jessica Seales at Jessica.Seales@uuca.org.

You’ll be able to connect with the congregation, listen to sermons, learn about service opportunities, and much more. It’s a way to stay plugged in to everything happening at UUCA!

What can I do on The City? 

  • Find opportunities to serve
  • RSVP to Events
  • Communicate within groups
  • Share Needs
  • Ask Questions
  • Give Online
  • Interact with Senior Minister & Leaders
  • Receive congregation-wide updates

To learn more about using the City, click here.

I noticed something on the website that needs to be updated. Who do I talk to?
Deadlines for general website submissions or changes are Monday of every week. Please email your submissions to Nicole. Most website requests can be fulfilled that same week, however, more complicated requests may take time.

What can be posted on UUCA's Facebook page? 
If you have an announcement, event photos, video, etc. that you would like to promote on the UUCA Facebook page, please send a request to Nicole. Please be mindful of the fact that our social media is typically updated by volunteers, so some requests may take longer to fulfill.

Can you make an announcement from the pulpit on Sunday?
Pulpit announcements are made at the discretion of the worship leader for that particular Sunday (typically Rev. Makar or Rev. Rogers). All requests should be directed to the  worship leader at least 10 days prior to the service date. We understand that sometimes life happens and you forget to submit your event for promotion. Any announcements submitted after the respective deadlines will be considered on a case by case basis and included as the team is able.

I want to get information into the Order of Service (OoS). How do I do that?
The Order of Service should not be your first request when planning communications, as space in the Order of Service is severely limited. Order of Service submissions should be written with the intent to move readers to either the website or the City to learn more about events, upcoming Covenant Groups, volunteer opportunities and so much more!

OoS inserts must be brief and to the point. Limit to a headline and 3-to-5 sentences, including contact information. If more space is needed, contact Nicole to discuss other communication options. 

We try to only run OoS inserts for two weeks in a row to limit repetition. However, you may run the same article for two weeks in a row, break for one week and then run the article for another two weeks.

Priority for OoS and inserts are: minister submissions, followed by Ministry Leaders, then member submissions. There is no guarantee your insert submission will be printed. As much as we would like to print every submission, everything is subject to final approval (based on content and priority) by the Senior Minister and the Director of Congregational Life. If your submission is not approved, please consider the other communication vehicles available.

Please do not request an insert when your submission can be an article or can go on the website. In an effort to promote our 7th principle, we try to limit our inserts to no more than 2 to 3 per week.

Deadline for OoS submissions is Tuesday at 8:00 PM. All submissions must be sent by email to Nicole at orderofservice@uuca.org.

Can I get a logo for a group or an event? What font should I use to match UUCA's logo?
Do not alter the design of the UUCA logo. The fonts used include Futura STD Extra Bold and Futura STD. The UUCA logo should be displayed on every item intended for external distribution or contribution.

To get a copy of the logo, you can download it here.

How do I add my event to the UUCA Calendar?
All calendar requests MUST be approved by our Office Administrator before they are officially added to the website. Calendar requests can be made here. For information on adding your event to the City calendar, click here.

How do I announce my event on the slides for the social hall screens?
Please submit slide requests to Nicole by Wednesday at 5:00 PM. All submissions will run on a first come, first serve basis. Submissions must be brief, as more words make it difficult to read. If you are creating your own slide, make sure the aspect ratio of the slide is 16:9.

Can I put an announcement on our outdoor sign?
The outdoor sign facing the I-85 access road is considered a ministerial tool and only messages meant to draw in newcomers are posted. 

How do I put up signs throughout the building?
Bathroom doors and stall signs are available for promotion. Please make sure you receive approval from a staff member before placing signs in these holders.

Signage in the Narthex and on our welcoming table are primarily meant for outreach and welcoming purposes, and must be approved by the Director of Congregational Life.

Please use easels or acrylic sign holders when putting other signs up throughout the building - please do not use tape or hand-write signs. We encourage you to use a bulletin board wherever possible.